Socal Triumph Dealer Steps Up to Keep the Rubber-Side Down


Douglas Motorcycles offering free replacement for Triumph owners as a courtesy…we want to see you safe! You will pay only for oil that is replaced but no labor and the filter is free.

So far we have had two filters affect bikes. One resulted in a destroyed motor and one nearly made the owner crash with oil on the rear tire.


Douglas Motorcycles has not used K&N for several years but you may have one from another store. It’s important for you to check your filter serial number. If in doubt, replace it! This specifically affects the KN204 filter used on Triumphs. The specifics are found here:


If you find a filter that meets the description call us at 909 884 4776 and ask for Tyler in Service and let him know you want the free replacement offered.

*This offer is good through the end of December 2017.


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My BATTLE with K&N & the Resolution! (


At my first ever track day, my K&N Oil filter exploded down the back straight on the out lap of the final session causing me to crash. After doing some research, I found that I was not an isolated case. After seeing the negligence of K&N, I decide to go after them for my damages as a result of their negligence. This is the story of my interaction with their legal/warranty department. I hope this may help a few others.

Here’s a link to the crash video.

Here’s a link to the motovlogger’s page.


I will have to state that from my experience that the warranty process was not so smooth and I had back to back failures of their product. I walked away with not a cent.