My BATTLE with K&N & the Resolution! (


At my first ever track day, my K&N Oil filter exploded down the back straight on the out lap of the final session causing me to crash. After doing some research, I found that I was not an isolated case. After seeing the negligence of K&N, I decide to go after them for my damages as a result of their negligence. This is the story of my interaction with their legal/warranty department. I hope this may help a few others.

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I will have to state that from my experience that the warranty process was not so smooth and I had back to back failures of their product. I walked away with not a cent.


K&N KN-204 Oil Filter Strikes Again


I installed one of those K&N filters with the nut spot welded on the bottom. After 4000 miles it started leaking around one of the spot welds. I was on a trip and 750 miles from home. At the time I could not believe it and thought the seal was leaking or the oil pan had cracked. After cleaning it up I started the bike and sure enough the oil flowed from around the welded on nut. I sent off a comment to K&N but as expected, nothing. Just thought I’d pass along my experience.

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